Shaman Strings

This is New Music, a nonwestern style connected to modern classical, spoken word, raga traditions of India, Native American chanting, and global spirituality! Shaman Strings is here to uplift, inspire, and touch the soul.

Though Shaman Strings might appear new, methods stem from ancient traditions using music and words to express and heal “the moment.” With modern technologies we can now record and share the power of the moment. Let Shaman Strings connect you with authentic spiritual realizations, jazz improvisation, and shamanic sharing.

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[or Spiritual Astronomy or Art from Scot Aaron ]


Shaman Strings CD 3 - "Sum of the One"


1- God of East and West   9:16min
2- New Graves in DNA.      10:17 min
3- Enlighten Combined Molecules    11:57 min
4- Turn Right Now      6:56 min
5- Rebirth of an Earth   9:23 min
6- Rise Up and Pass Through   9:56 min
7- Sum of the Ones   12:59 min



Shaman Strings CD 2 "Endless Orbits"

shaman strings

Listen to mp3 from the "Endless Orbits" CD

In the spirit & tradition of “Sharing,” you can save any of these 320kb mp3 on your computer. Link below, listen, and “save as” .

Gather Round.mp3 (9.55 MB)

Found a Friend (12.6 MB)

Cosmic Pioneers (18.1 MB)

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shaman strings

Scot Aaron is the Shaman and Govinda plays traditional stringed instruments from the Far East. Scot Aaron's Shamanism and his sounds stem from an academic background and worship experiences in the world religions, fused with decades of training as an artist (with over a 1000 paintings, 1000s of poems, 3 books in print, and more recently some short films, and music videos for Gatewhey and Shaman Strings). Note: Scot Aaron spent years of independent travel to sacred places throughout Earth. [Link to his Spiritual Astronomy with its Celestial Cosmology. Or to his "Photo Art" and poArt Expressionism paintings. ]

Govinda Schlegel is a Shivite Hindu, spending years in Banaras/Varanasi studying the Sitar and North Indian Classical Music.

Note that other musicians can be incorporated from time to time, as in the "Time and Space" recording.





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